3.0 TDI V6 BlueMotion Tech SE
  • £11,290
  • Year/Month: 2012/0
  • Stock ID: T115744
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • CC: 3000
  • Mileage: 125000
  • Fuel Type: Diesel

Volkswagen Touran Sport for SaleĀ From UK At Very Reasonable Price

Volkswagen Touran Sport for Sale is Capacious, & Technologically Well Loaded for Relax Driving

The LED headlights, like any VW of the modern era, embellish the innovative face by replacing the Xenon devices. LED technology is used for low beam and high beam with Light Assist function for the management of high beam and active cornering lights. Inside the foldaway seats, the versatility and ease of use are well assured. The Easy Open (optional) of Volkswagen Touran sport for sale should allow the electric opening of the tailgate with the slight shift.

Capacious, Shiny & Technologically Well Loaded

The second-row seats have become significantly lighter and once pulled down they become one with the loading surface. The first row of seats, for driver and passenger, is spacious in both height and width, the second row of seats consists of three single seats that allow three adults to find a comfortable seat and in the case of sliding independently, while the third row of seats accommodates two other single seats suitable for children

The typical VW plank, taken from the Golf, is very square and conventional, but the combinations are impeccable and the materials almost all at the top, even if the design and colour do not shine for originality. There are a few areas where there is a plastic undertone. The latest technologies on board are certainly not lacking, among the standard assistance systems include the anti-collision braking, the cruise control with automatic ACC distance adjustment and the front assist with City emergency braking function, the column guide, the proactive occupant protection system, the fatigue detector.

Pleasantly Driveable Car

Despite the internal spaciousness and setup, the Touran is pleasantly driveable in every situation. The compact size makes it possible to drive smoothly even in traffic despite the width of the car, while the ability to select different driving modes also allows the most attentive and dynamic driving with fun. Certainly you have to keep count of the high centre of gravity and the setup devoted to the comfort of the car before facing tight corners at high speeds but, in general situations, the Volkswagen Touran does very well.

Controlling, Soundproofing & Relax Driving

Before paying Volkswagen Touran sport price, a buyer should check the all necessary issues and aspects such as although the steering is not communicative or direct, it is very soft and easy to use; the steering column, as well as the driver's seat, has multiple adjustments, this allows you to find a comfortable position even at the highest that can take full advantage of the size of the car. The driving position is very cosy and allows you to keep an eye on the front corners of the car without any problems. Certainly controlling is better to rely on the parking sensors. The structure is comfortable and relaxed but does not have particular rolling effects. Besides, the soundproofing is excellent i.e. the cockpit is very quiet, with the faint noise of the engine that does not bother even at mid-high speeds. Rolling and aerodynamic hisses are very muffled; you can really travel in total relaxation.

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