How To Buy
Step 1. Select your vehicle:

Choose the vehicle you would like to purchase. Our stock search engine will help you search through our stock. You can also customize the search according to your requirements and preferences. Detailed photos and specifications can be viewed for each vehicle. Please click here for the stock search engine.

Step 2. Make Payment:
A. Your Proforma invoice will be emailed to you. Please print it out.

Take this invoice to your local bank and pay the full amount by bank wire transfer (Telegraphic Transfer). Our bank details are shown on the Invoice.
Payment is DUE within 5 working days on receipt of your Proforma Invoice.

Step 3. Track Your Shipment:
  • A. You will receive the booking details of your shipment and other shipping information by email.
  • B. After your purchase has been shipped, we will send all the required original documents to you by courier.
  • C. Please make arrangements to receive your vehicle at its port of destination.

If you find anything unusual or suspect about your invoice, please contact our Customer Service Department immediately.

* Once you have completed your payment, please scan the payment confirmation receipt issued by your bank and email a copy to the following address:

Bank wire transfer (Telegraphic Transfer):
Please note that bank wire transfer is the only payment method we accept.

* We will not proceed with arranging shipping or transport for your purchase until 50% payment has been received. Full payment must be made before you can receive your purchase.