We at GIL understand and respect our customer for providing their personal information for the efficient flow of our business process. And safeguarding their data privacy is our utmost priority, so we make sure the information security threats are analyzed frequently. Under the General Data Protection Regulation we take responsibility to abide by the rules being implemented for European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

Information We Protect:


We make sure that your following information is especially protected:
National Insurance Number (For Individual)
Corporation Tax Number (For Corporations)
Social Security
Any government assigned number depicting sensitive information (Country Specific)

Aside from this GIL ensure that we use our customer information within the scope intended for use, not sharing it with third party (excluding the on mentioned under heading ‘C’ below)

In case we have to share information we will be taking consent from the customer first. If you feel any discrepancy kindly email us at csd@globalintltd.com.

Personal Information Defined

Personal information is the basic identification information of our customers (individuals and companies) that include their name, address, cell phone number, email address, country to import car to and other descriptions. Any information that indirectly contributes in car sales is included in the parameters of personal information.

Why Do We Need Your Information?

For smooth business process of exporting car to you in a lawful and safe way.

Help customer in getting the maximum benefit from our business and services.

For customize/ need based value addition to our customer activities on the website.

In order to abide by the rules and regulations of UK and our customers’ country.

Responding to request/ queries of our customer considering the history of interaction/ transaction with us.

Managing day to day business activities efficiently.

Exceptions Where Your Information Can Be Shared

If it is required under law or ordinance

In order to protect other human being from physical and legal damages. It also include cases where prior approval is not possible because of any limitation

To a Consignee or any other personal whom our customer has authorized in advance

Personal information shared jointly with a group company or business partner of GIL.

How Do We Handle Unrelated Sensitive Information?

We do not collect, use or provide information unrelated to run our business
Your Health care or case history
Your Family information
We abide by the Privacy Act of UK and other relevant laws, ordinance and guidelines.

Disclosure, Amendment or Suspension of the Personal Information

Customer can view and update his information through the individual account made on GIL website that only the customer has access to.

Customer can request for disclosure, amendment or suspension of any information subject to the fact that you send us written consent.

Aside from written consent a phone call or visiting our office is necessary in case of sensitive information disclosure to third-party.

We have unsubscribed button in all of our promotional offers, so if you no longer want our service you just need to click.

Online Tracking

We use our tools for enhancing the customer experience, only when you click the *accept* tab, the information is used.

Deficits of Privacy Addressed

If you have reservations or more information is needed to better understand our privacy policy, to email us at csd@globalintltd.com with your issue addressed in short and concise manner.