Second Hand Scania R420 Truck For Sale From UKĀ  At Reasonable Price

Scania R420 Truck for Sale Are For Excellent Level of Fuel Savings

Scania R420 Truck for sale is the part of Scania R-Series; so it should be noted that, trucks of the series R combine the performance of a V8 engine with excellent levels of comfort and equipment. They are the ideal long-distance companion, as they help you meet the most demanding deadlines over and over again. Scania engines offer an excellent level of fuel savings because of the weight optimization, aerodynamics and pressure of the tires, efficient consumption of fuel improves even more. The alignment of the axles, the adjustment of the air baffle, maintains the fuel-saving capacity of your truck, with the specialized services of Scania.

Comfort, Visibility and Control

The UK imported R-series is the top design for drivers. You enjoy comfort, visibility and control in your class. You are entitled to have the highest levels of equipment and surprising additional options. The advantage of the 13-liter inline six-cylinder engine is that, it starts with great power and torque. However, it also offers low fuel consumption and reliable long-term working time. Used Scania R420 Truck for sale has goal to maximize the operating economy and keep the business running. With a wide range of services that suit your operations, Scania R420 Truck ensures the performance of your fleet. You can also seek a range of services designed to improve profitability.

Service and Assistance

Operational economics has three fundamental pillars: the driver, the vehicle and the services that support. If you are really serious about costs and increase your earning, so this truck is for you. These trucks are equipped with leading safety systems in their class. The network of more than 1,800 Scania workshops offers spare parts, service and assistance for companies in more than 100 countries. Our highly professional teams offer valuable advice on maintenance intervals, accessories and how to do the right thing at the right time.

Stability & Control

At the reasonable Scania R420 Truck price, you get lots of features including EBS that greatly improves stability under all conditions and eliminates the unnecessary stress associated with emergency stops. Thanks to years of research, design and rigorous testing, Scania vehicles have proven to be exceptionally safe in real conditions. In the update and safe cabins of Scania Trucks, visibility, handling, braking and stability were improved.

Safety & Security

Protecting drivers is essential, whether on muddy roads, highways or transport roads. To increase road safety and accident prevention, Scania trucks have systems and protection features for drivers to have better information, vision and control. In an emergency, even the most skillful driver needs help to protect himself. Scania trucks offer a wide range of safety assistance systems to complement, teach and maintain driver safety.

Scania trucks are equipped with safety systems that activate the corresponding controls. This includes ESP (electronic stability program) technologies to monitor key stability parameters and Scania LDW (Lane Departure Warning) to notify drivers when their vehicle accidentally crosses lane lines. Scania EBS (Electronic Braking System) gives you the highest possible braking control. It provides an instant braking response, by pressing and releasing the brake in direct proportion to the pedal pressure. Releasing the brake quickly and simultaneously not only helps overcome resistance when braking but also saves fuel. The resistance to braking occurs when the release of the brake is delayed, momentarily, in some axes (a traditional braking pneumatic system reacts more slowly than the electronic drive).

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