3.2 DI-DC Equippe LWB
  • Year/Month: 2012/0
  • Stock ID: T97117
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • CC: 3200
  • Mileage: 46815
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Year/Month: 2012/0
  • Stock ID: T97116
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • CC: 3200
  • Mileage: 84000
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
3.2 DI-DC SG2
  • Year/Month: 2012/0
  • Stock ID: T96981
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • CC: 3200
  • Mileage: 41431
  • Fuel Type: Diesel

Used Mitsubishi Shogun for Sale From UK

Used Shogun - A Reliable SUV

After the hard struggle of Japanese car manufacturers, Mitsubishi succeeded to introduce a reliable sports utility vehicle which is commonly known as Shogun. Used Mitsubishi Shogun for sale is a capable SUV that has large capacity for passengers and cargo. It is designed to provide the best off-road performance in tough conditions. It is preferred by many consumers around the world as an alternative to many other branded SUVs. So if you are looking for a reliable SUV, then Shogun must be your first priority.

Modern Workhorse  

There is no doubt in it that this vehicle is an excellent workhorse. It has larger cargo and passenger space. This vehicle has ability to seat seven passengers comfortably and its capacity to load the luggage as much they can carry. It provides relaxing and comfort drive too. Its rigid and durable body allows it to use drive any-where ability and this vehicle has its reputation till now for its competency and reliability. Moreover, the fourth generation model is rich in features and advance in technologies.    

Exterior Specifications

The long wheel base of Shogun is fit for active families who want to travel. On roads this vehicle represents its class and powerful appearance. High ground clearance and approach angle of this vehicle delivers maximum performance on rough tracks. Mitsubishi Shogun for sale also consists of roof rails and tailgate-mounted spare wheels that support you in any emergency. The Barbarian trims such black and silver alloy wheels are also included to add value in its body style. This vehicle is also fixed with automatic headlights for clear visibility. 


Interior of this vehicle is spacious enough that can easily accommodate seven people. There is enough room for legs and arms in the rear seats. Some of its model also comprises of electric sunroof. The alloy wheels of it are about 20 inch in length. In addition, there is 663 liters of boot space available too with seven passenger seats. This vehicle has smooth steering wheel and separate air condition that gives luxurious drive and essential comfort. Thus, Shogun stylish look and classic interior make an astonishing presence in the market. 

General Characteristics

Shogun has impacted positively in the car market. It is full of advanced features and enriched with modern technology. It consists of big diesel engine which is about 3.2 liters. It generates power of about 190PS and has top speed of 112mph. It has ability to deliver quick and punchy acceleration in 11.1 seconds from 0-62 mph. The average comes out to be 30.4 mpg and the rate of emissions is 245g/kg which seems better than any other SUVs.

It has genuine off –road abilities. It is equipped with automatic gearshift that can be used in manual too. The next and primary characteristic is its Super Select 4WD system on separate shifts. The driving height given in this vehicle is high that gives tremendous visibility. Thus, it is the perfect SUV vehicle in all manners. 

Engine performance

Engine performance of used Mitsubishi Shogun is terrific. It comes with 3.2 liters four cylinder diesel engine that produces maximum horsepower and torque to give better off-road performance. It is fun to drive this vehicle as it is capable of tackling toughest terrains and hurdles. However, this vehicle has no petrol engine but still the consumption rate of fuel is low than other vehicles because it is fixed with common rail injection system. It also helps in boosting refinement. Besides these qualities of engines, it also ensures lowering of emission levels that is equivalent to Euro IV.  This vehicle is equipped with plenty of corner wallow, acceleration pitch and brake drive.

Engineering features

Engine of the Mitsubishi Shogun for sale mostly consists of 3200 CC four cylinder turbo diesel engine that generates almost 168 horsepower at 3800rpm.It has five-speed manual transmission, five speed automatic and full time four wheel drive. The moment for quick acceleration is minimum 11 seconds and maximum 14 seconds. Its mileage is better than other vehicles as it has 26.7 mpg. The body is made up of steel and it weighs about 2255kg.       

Additional features

These vehicles are equipped with advanced safety features that help in smooth and safe driving. These features give sense of reliability and safety that includes antilock braking system,airbags, electric mirrors and tractions control. It is also fixed with satellite navigation system that helps to locate and reach destination easily. This vehicle is also provided with climate controller that works in facing tough off-road conditions. Moreover, all modern features and high technology is offered in this vehicle to provide driving pleasure without any worry.

Purchase It Immediately

Mitsubishi Shogun for sale has remained popular vehicle in range of SUVs. Consumers from all over the world rate it on top of other vehicle. It is affordable as well as economical vehicle as its insurance ratings are also low which comes from group of 34 to 36 rating. This vehicle is efficient and high in performance; it is guaranteed that you will never find such marvelous vehicle in this era.

So don’t waste your time on other vehicles, just go with Shogun and enjoy the exciting ride.

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