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Mitsubishi L200 2015 for Sale From UK

Mitsubishi L200- A New Generation Pickup

Mitsubishi L200 2015 is the new generation pickup that is introduced in the market during the period of 2015-2017. Because of its impressive fuel consumption and high quality it set a benchmark in the UK auto industry. This vehicle is available with different trim levels such as 4Life, Titan, Warrior, and Barbarian. Please note that Mitsubishi L200 2015 is a fifth generation vehicle that is smartly build to counter its rivals. This big and elegant vehicle is available in different models such as its “special edition Barbarian SVP model” introduced during 2017 but this was limited edition and limited to only 250 vehicles. 

From Single to Club Cab
Initially, Mitsubishi L200 2015 is developed in double cab body style only with specific loading areas, doors, and five seats but now Mitsubishi L200 2015 for sale in different models such as Single Cab and Club Cab that is a variation in its “4Life” specification. The purpose of this modification to target the niche market for those clients who prefer working style trucks than the family vehicle. 

The Interior & The Exterior
The interior of this modern truck is stylish with plenty of hard stiffed plastics that are an obvious resemblance that, this truck is a working vehicle, not an advanced SUV. It is very easy to operate with its dashboard, where different options with flexible buttons are installed for the safe drive and easy functionality. The glossy colour and shiny front catch the attention of viewers while there is a touch screen display with Bluetooth and USB connectivity. This truck can easily be navigated via satellite. The truck has the spacious cabin with sloping bonnet and well-designed windows for better visibility.

The Specs
In addition, in the domain of ‘Mitsubishi L200 2015 for sale’, Mitsubishi also introduced “L200's 2.4-litre turbo diesel engine” that is specially developed to meet the “Euro 6 emissions” requirements. The consecutive modification is an ongoing process for this truck. Since 2015, this Mitsubishi L200 2015 available for sale with different enhancements such as, “154hp / 380Nm in low-power guise and 181hp / 430Nm”. Although, Mitsubishi L200 2015 is high power version, but light in weight, if it is compared with other traditional trucks. In addition, the continual refinement makes Mitsubishi L200 2015 easy to operate and maintain. In this vehicle, there is a standard six-speed box while the five-speed auto is also there as the optional feature.

Active in Modifications
As discussed above, Mitsubishi is very active in the modification, so during 2018, the manufacturer did some other changes such as it re-developed L200 with extra chassis to ensure more towing capacity to 3.5 tons from 3.1 tones.  Its specially designed 4x4 system ensure its UK only feature that can tow 3.5 tonnes on tarmac either the lifting or towing. It is used either by engaging two or four-wheel drives. It is one of its own kind UK based Japanese truck, provide a better turning circle with good performance on off as well as on-road drives. One can easily purchase used Mitsubishi L200 2015 at very attractive prices if only a little effort is put on Mitsubishi L200 2015 for sale. To be precise, the design and style of Mitsubishi L200 2015 are attractive and its interior provides comforts for both driver and passengers. This truck is ideal for work but can easily be used for personal trips and travels on highways. 

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