• £6,495
  • Year/Month: 2005/0
  • Stock ID: T114832
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • CC: 3498
  • Mileage: 114441
  • Fuel Type: Petrol

Used Mercedes S320 for Sale from UK

Mercedes S320 - The Car with Love from UK

The Mercedes S320 was first introduced in 1993, as a middle option of Mercedes-Benz S 280 with 2.8-liter Power-train and the Mercedes-Benz S 420 with 4.2-liter Power-train. It was presented for the very first time in the series W140 as a successor to the Mercedes-Benz 300 SE. It was an option that was manufactured keeping the customer requirement in mind, and over the year it exceeds the expectation of modern day customers. 

In the early years Mercedes-Benz S 320 had a straight-six engine, which made 170 kW (231 HP). With a length of 5.11 meters and a width of 1.88 meters, the Mercedes-Benz S 320 was one of the largest mass-produced luxury sedans on the international market.

Status till Exit

The Mercedes-Benz S320 was produced from 1998 to 2002, as an entry-level model S-Class vehicle that was ready to make difference. In a completely new version, it came with 3.2 liter displacement now for the first time as a diesel on the market. Aside from petrol option the diesel further satisfied unique niche of customers. Although it discontinued almost half decade before but as used Mercedes S320 for sale from UK it still have a presence in heart and home of customers. It is seen on a number of roads across globe, telling about the masterpiece it is. 

High Performance

The latest CDI engine of the car had the common-rail injection technology with great acceleration power, giving upper luxury class experience too. This S Class model of the Mercedes series is pretty elegant and visually lighter than the predecessor. 

The subtle running as well as high-torque CDI in the Mercedes-Benz S 320 produces an output of 145 kW (197 HP), bringing the optimal weight movement for desired time with ease. The turbo charging with these dimensions further enhances the speed. Irrespective of the roads in question the performance remain consistent, so whether you are driving on wet, dry or rough road the class of drive is not compromised. 

Touchy Features 

The special features of Mercedes-Benz include enhanced comfort, greater safety and strong security system with highest rating in crash test on multiple platforms. It is evident that the workmanship involved in this model is up to the mark making this ideal car. The Mercedes S320 belongs to the upper class since the appearance of the car is pretty elegant and luxurious.

The S 320 is available as gasoline and diesel CDI both with 4WD 4Matic. The new models from 2005 onwards feature the TFT screen, adaptive brake light or an infrared night vision assistant aside from COMMAND control and display system. Hence it is an infotainment packed just the perfect combination of drive that people adore. These features and much more contributes in taking out the best experience one could think of. 

Open to Competition

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It is because of this and much more that our customers consider it a car that reflects the love of UK to the world. 

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