Land Rover Defender TD5 For Sale From UK At Reasonable Price

Land Rover Defender Td5 For Sale Is For Hard Working Purposes

The Defender was equipped with a brand new five-cylinder turbodiesel engine in line with a displacement of 2495 cm³, called Td5. This engine replaced the previous Tdi, not being able to meet the upcoming Euro III emissions regulations. The engine was able to produce (90 kW) at 4200 rpm and was equipped with an electronic fuel injection system. In 2002, the center console of the dashboard was redesigned and the lighting of the instruments was improved, as well as having added the availability of front electric windows for the first time on a Defender. The optional SE package was then added, offering heated windscreen, heated seats, air conditioning, ABS, traction control and leather seats.

Land Rover New Defender with Functional Feature

The comfort is improved thanks to the new, modern and functional dashboard, the addition of air conditioning and a better stereo system that, among other things, also offers a connection for MP3 players. The spirit of the car has remained unchanged, even as regards the absence of airbags and ABS (only present as an option). Compared to the previous version, in the selected model, there could be the lost of two air intakes under the wind-shield. The word "Defender" on the mask has been removed and”Land Rover" writing on the front of the hood has been added. Finally, there is a small "hump" on the bonnet to make room for the new engine. Inspired by this new series, Land Rover has produced several models in limited editions, a used car buyer just need to fetch all available information to enjoy the benefit of right Land Rover Defender td5 price.

In The Range Of Land Rover Defender

For the sake of information, it should be noted that in the range of Land Rover Defender; The Defender SVX, commemorative model produced for the anniversary of the parent company in only 200 copies, is characterized by a showy roll-bar that wraps around the windshield (only in the 90-inch version), a new aluminum mask and commemorative graphics on the doors. THE SVX also boasts LED taillights and five-spoke alloy wheels as well as Alcantara and leather interiors.

Different Versions as Pe Availability Basis

This model is available in different versions as pe availability basis; in particular, a buyer should seek the soft or hard top, while the only color available is metallic black. Two other limited editions are the Defender FIRE and the Defender ICE, whose characteristic feature is certainly the two-tone body: Vesuvius orange and Santorini black for the FIRE model, while the ICE model is Alaska White and Santorini Black. Besides the color, the FIRE and ICE models have, like the SVX model, there are spoke alloy wheels, LED taillights and seats in Alcantara and leather. The dashboard is the same color as the bodywork, then Vesuvius orange in the FIRE version and Alaska white in the ICE version, as well as other small details of the interior, such as the seams of the seats and the edges of the mats.

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