Daf Xf105 460 For Sale From UK At Reasonable Price  

Daf Xf105 460 For Sale Product Line Is Specially Developed To Reduce Fuel Cost  

A used daf xf105 460 for sale driver can easily experience levels of transport efficiency and increased driving comfort. Innovative engines, new transmissions and aerodynamic optimizations promise a reduction in fuel consumption, with the possibility of achieving even greater benefits are also the attributes of DAF Connect fleet management system.

Silence And Precise
In the XF product line everything has been designed to reduce fuel consumption. Fuel efficiency derives from the innovative and fully integrated transmission that allows for excellent interaction between the engine, after-treatment system, transmission and rear axles. Variable speed oil, steering and coolant pumps have been adopted to achieve the lowest fuel consumption. In order to be able to reduce the number of revolutions per minute, the maximum torque of   engines has been increased and is already available at 900 rpm. On the XF models, Daf has fitted as standard the TraXon automated gearboxes.
The reduction of friction losses, the even faster upshifts and the use of EcoRoll help to minimize fuel consumption, increasing driving comfort thanks to smoothness, silence and precise clutch engagement. To achieve a reduction in fuel consumption, Daf has also revisited the rear axles of its CF and XF, reaching a ratio of 2.05: 1 to drive at 85 km / h at around 1000 rpm. The application of lower viscosity oils to the rear axles also contributes to maximum fuel efficiency, as do the low-friction terminal bearings.

Neat And Spacious
The XF, like the previous generation, remain among the reference models in terms of driving comfort. This is thanks to the neat and spacious interiors! They are equipped with an automatic temperature and climate control system, which also ensures maximum fuel efficiency. At the top of the range a used daf xf105 460 price payer need to explore the Exclusive line, which stands out for the cognac color of the dashboard, door panels (XF) and leather seats. In addition, the functionality of the driver information panel has been supplemented with a tachograph counter that shows the remaining driving / rest time. .
The configurable switches, which can be positioned on the dashboard according to your preferences, also improve the driving experience. 

Due to the innovative, totally renewed and compact exhaust gas after-treatment (EAS) system, the two Daf trucks will have more free space in the chassis; By adopting a number of measures, such as optimizing the weight of the engine and chassis, the weight of the XF vehicles has been reduced by around 100 kilograms, which translates directly into 100 kilograms of more payload. With this innovative technology the driver will be able to receive real-time information on the vehicle's position, fuel consumption, mileage, fleet usage levels and downtime. This data will be displayed clearly on an online dashboard, which can be customized according to your needs. Thanks to Daf Connect the user can view complete reports on fuel consumption, with old and new data, allowing to compare the performance of vehicles and drivers.

Extra Feature
Another extra feature of the XF105 under test is the air suspension of the cabin, equipment that has made the stay on board the Daf even more comfortable, almost as if it were a touring coach. In fact, accustomed to the constant stresses of the semitrailer on the tractor, a tractor with over five meters of wheelbase makes life easy. The driving position is obviously the same as the other XF105 ergonomic, but with an organization of the dashboard that should be revised; given the proliferation of commands and functions that were not there before, there is a lack of an extra or additional homogeneous overall design. It does not have the operational flexibility of the tractor that can easily swap the semi-trailer, but this Daf trailer truck drives easily: despite the 5.05 meter wheelbase, it tightens less than an articulated when cornering, because the chariot almost faithfully follows the trajectory of the engine.

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