2.5 D-4D HL2 Pickup Double Cab
  • Year/Month: 2013/0
  • Stock ID: T113147
  • Transmission: Manual
  • CC: 2500
  • Mileage: 110000
  • Fuel Type: Diesel

Used Panel Van For Sale From UK

Panel Vans, Offering Multiple Benefits to the People

Used panel vans are used for the purpose of transporting cargo in many parts of the world. Their chassis is built on a family car design. Due to their small size they are a better choice for cities that have heavy traffic.

Challenge for Panel Vans

Due to their easy driving experience and hauling capacities that can be matched with those big sized vans, the panel vans are preferred by many consumers. The high sales increase has not seen in the market though, that is due to arrival of some new efficient vans in recent times. It has made the buying of panel vans for your business competitive.

Smart Features

The panel vans are famous for their colorful exterior and comfortable interior. The flexible interior offers gentleness and sense of refreshment to passengers. The configurations are designed to fulfill passenger’s needs. These vehicles offer spacious leather seats. CD player is there for entertainment. Bluetooth phone connectivity and climate control are also included in features. Power steering option is available. Air conditioner and heater are well organized. Its exceptional feature includes Antilock braking system. The other features include five-door light commercial, a two-piece bulkhead, and 700 kg gross payload capacities.

Power of Such Vehicles

Diesel has power of 190hp/440Nm 2.7 liter TDV6. It features a six-speed manual gearbox while a six-speed automatic transmission is an alternative. Four-corner electronic air suspension is provided along with four-wheel drive. 190 hp provides the high speed luxury on highways.

Ideal in Bad Weather

Used panel vans for sale from UK offer extra ordinary off road performance. It helps the driver to drive at such places where road condition is not good. Such vehicles can easily be driven on rough terrain. In everyday drive with family sometimes road conditions are not in favor, this panel van will be your best support at that moment. Because of powerful suspension the car is driven smooth.

Lifting Ability

Many famous brands have globally manufactured these medium size panel vans as it offers user-friendly dimensions and the ability to lift serious heavy loads. The driving experience of such panel vans is just like any other car, providing comfort on long journeys and easy to move in city space. It fulfills its main purpose which is, to provide consumers a variety in body style and a good area for loading stuff.

Offering Variety

If we talk about big panel vans, the choices that are available for the customers are too high than in non-commercial or light commercial vehicles. These vehicles not only provide variety in models but also in transmissions, engines, body styles and enormous array. But that does not mean it makes panel van an easy choice to buy. There are still so many facts need to be considered.

Offering Multiple Purposes

These vans are standard short-wheelbase offering one-tone payload, four wheel drive, sliding side doors, and crew seats. If you need these vans for long trips, transportation services or hauling items from point A to point B, the panel van will suit you the best. 

Comfort in Transportation

If you own a business that needs transportation of goods on a regular basis, then medium size used panel vans can be a handy option for you. In a business where transportation of people is required, such vehicle helps a lot.

Good Capacity for Passengers

Used panel van for sale from UK provides the pick and drop facility to the people. 

The panel vans have the capability to carry around 8 to 9 people. Different models of panel vans offer passenger car guises or minibuses for taxi. There are plenty of people looking for these services on a daily basis. The person who owns the van can make it full time job. Around 9 seats capacity means he can carry 8 or 9 passengers at a same time, assuring him good profit. There is majority of working people in UK. Along with men and children, women will also be interested to avail these services.
Hauling Multiple Items

Used panel vans for sale from UK have enough capacity to carry good amount of grocery items, shopping bags and other goods. If you are doing monthly grocery and you have to carry so many bags with you then this panel van is for you.

Fun for Family

When you are planning to go on a long journey along with your family to have fun, you can always take a lot of stuff with you. There is enough capacity available in such vehicles to lift children items like bicycles and other fun providing tools.

Used panel vans for sale from UK provide a variety of options for buyers to own such vehicles. Transporters can buy these panel vans and get many advantages from them like providing transportation services to plenty of people. Family people can also buy such vehicles to provide more facilities and spend quality time with their family. It provides luxuries that make it popular among customers. 

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