1.8 CLC180
  • Year/Month: 2011/0
  • Stock ID: T96309
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • CC: 1800
  • Mileage: 79035
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe 3.0 440i M Sport Gran Coupe Sport Auto (s/s) 5dr
  • Year/Month: 2017/0
  • Stock ID: T95622
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • CC: 2998
  • Mileage: 13200
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
2.0 TDI Sport Quattro
  • Year/Month: 2011/0
  • Stock ID: T96307
  • Transmission: Manual
  • CC: 2000
  • Mileage: 82000
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
1.8 CLC180 Kompressor Sport
  • Year/Month: 2011/0
  • Stock ID: T96140
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • CC: 1798
  • Mileage: 120000
  • Fuel Type: Petrol

Used Coupe Cars For Sale from UK

Coupe, a Symbol of Reliability and Performance

Generally, used coupe cars have two doors. An alternative to a sedan or hatch, the look of Coupe cars is more stylish and often sportier. Four door Coupe cars are also produced by many manufacturers these days which are a sleek-roofed. For a very long time they have a popular body style. The manufacturers of coupe make majority of sports cars and a few luxury cars. The used coupe cars for sale from the UK are known for their reliability and better performance. This is the reason; a great majority of customers are interested in buying them.

Impressive Performance

The Coupe car does not mean completely watertight, so that water can enter inside easily. The coupes that are coming nowadays are much smaller when it comes to length and height. So the coupe because of its body is able to perform much better in comparison to other car bodies.  When buying a used car, coupes are the most practical choice in the UK, one can make. Used Coupe will be the winner every time if a car is being judged by, not what it does but how it makes you feel. But if it is judged by what it does, considering out-and-out performance, the Coupe will be the winner there, too.

Focus on Quality

The manufacturers that produce used coupe cars for sale from UK focus on quality. Rear seat legroom and cargo space do not include in their priorities, therefore, they can put all their focus on making them as lithe, muscular and ground-hugging.

Rigid Body

If we talk about coupe body, it has far greater torsional rigidity. The two door option with no rear hatch allows coupe with fewer opening, which offers it to maintain higher resistance to flexing. Incredibly rigid body shells are being engineered by the manufacturers of coupes for a more stable ride, due to its up market nature. To keep the flex of the chassis in line, the less work is required for suspension as it has stiffer body shell. Manufacturers can fit ultra-soft suspension in luxury used coupe cars without creating a quivering mess.

What is so great about buying a used coupe in the UK? You can open the hatch at the top to allow the sun and the wind come in. It can be a good fun in summertime. 
With smaller body an low seats for passengers, coupe is naturally a lighter vehicle which enables coupe to have better performance.

Power of Engine

When you think about buying a coupe, a four-cylinder option comes to your mind, especially when the lower end models are considered. However, today coupes are manufactured in both six- and eight-cylinder engines. It provides plenty of power in a smaller body style. In a speedy 7.1 seconds, it rushes to 62mph. The diesel 220d Coupe returns strong economy of 68.9mpg. Cutting the roof off has hindered the car’s handling with the strength of the body is reduced with extra weight causing stiff suspension.

Now, we will take a look at some top of the mind coupe cars, discussing their key features, quality performance and safety features.

Mercedes Coupe

The engineers of Mercedes-Benz coupe have been waiting for over 50 years for an unfortunate event they know will never happen. Consumers agree with the fact that Mercedes coupe is fun to drive and solidly-engineered, offering a balanced of braking, handling and power even with the base engine. Along with front and rear coil springs and shock absorbers it also offers independent three-link front suspension.

Safety In Mercedes

The Mercedes-Bens coupe offers both Pre-Safe Brake and Distronic Plus technology. When the possibility of an accident is sensed about 40% braking power will automatically start to commence. The driver also received an audio alert, followed by engaging the Pre-Safe system. If the driver does not respond, 100% braking power will be applied by the vehicle to avoid any collision.


Volkswagen Passat is a perfect companion to provide you the run of thousand miles in a week. The performance is quite satisfied with 185lb ft of torque is available from just 1500rpm, overtaking a simple exercise and making acceleration feel brisk. The engine offers 1,798cc, inline-4, transverse, turbocharge with 7-speed dry dual clutch transmission, FWD. No serious trouble has been caused by suspension vehicles. Sunroof and windows can be opened when it rain to the fullest, has to be in the summer.

Safety Features

The Volkswagen Passat safety features are designed in such manner that they not only avoid an unfortunate event to happen on a road, but they stop it to happen in the first place. Apart from safety features, seven stability-enhancing features are also designed that provides the driver good control on the vehicle even when the road are in poor condition.

Coupe cars can be the best choice in the UK, as having all those qualities we have mentioned above is a bonus for consumer. Coupe vehicles have reliability and rigid dy with better engine power making them a wise choice for the buyers.