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To Replace Oil In Volvo S80 2.0 For Sale Is An Essential And Necessary Process

Changing the engine oil in volvo s80 2.0 for sale is an operation that should be done with some regularity. Good car maintenance, in fact, guarantees durability and longevity. In general, it is recommended to change the engine oil every two years. But depending on the driving style, especially in the case of fast and sporty driving, it may be necessary to carry out this operation, properly. 

Necessary To Obtain

Before proceeding, however, it is necessary to have all the tools necessary for the change and follow the appropriate guides to make sure you are not wrong. Learning to change the oil on your own obviously has many advantages: in addition to saving time , not having to go to a specialized workshop, it also allows a fair saving of money. The first tools to be procured to change the engine oil are the crick and jack stands to keep the car in a raised position and allow a good view of the work area. A trolley can also be useful for sliding under the car . To collect the waste oil it is also necessary to obtain a basin or a common container , with a capacity of at least five liters, to which to place a funnel , a rag and paper towels to try to keep the area as clean as possible. Turning to the real tools to make the change it is essential to be in possession of a socket wrench for the drain plug of the cup, a strap wrench to unscrew the oil filter and a spare washer for the cup nut. Last, but not least, are a new oil and engine oil filter suitable for the type of vehicle and its fuel category. Finally, those who wish can have some personal protections which, although not mandatory, are highly recommended to avoid unpleasant accidents; these include safety glasses and rubber gloves.

Clearly Visible

Before positioning yourself under the car, open the hood and locate the oil cap to unscrew. Understanding what the oil cap is is quite simple, being positioned visibly in the upper part of the engine, but in case of doubts it is always better to consult the user and maintenance manual or the online guides. Once the cap has been removed, the time has come to slide under the vehicle and in this case the trolley comes in handy, thanks to which it will be possible to position yourself easily under the vehicle without the risk of getting hurt and scratching your back. The second element to be found is located right on the bottom of the car and is the oil pan , recognizable by the clearly visible drain bolt. To unscrew the drain bolt, you can use both the aforementioned socket wrench and a common wrench, provided that you have sufficient room for maneuver. As soon as the bolt has been removed, the oil will begin to drop and it will take several minutes before it is completely drained. In the meantime, you can proceed with the replacement of the paper or felt gasket located in the lower part of the bolt or with the replacement of the washer itself, especially if it is very worn. In the event that the washer is still in good condition, it is possible to reuse it. Before proceeding with the third phase, i.e. changing the oil filter, it is necessary to thoroughly clean all the elements involved in the drainage and correctly reposition the bolt.

Essential To Lubricate

To replace the oil filter, the first thing to do is locate it. Its position changes according to the car model and the production year, which is why it can be located in front, behind or on the sides of the engine. To locate it, you can refer to the replacement filter or pay attention to some elements: the filters are generally cylindrical in shape and can be black, blue or white. In more recent vehicles there is no real oil filter, but a kind of cartridge is inserted in its place. To unscrew the oil filter, you can use your hands, turning it slowly counterclockwise, or you can use a special strap wrench that greatly facilitates the operation. In addition to having protective gloves, you can use a rag or a plastic bag to enclose the filter and avoid splashes of oil. In used filters it is not uncommon to find oil residues that must be completely drained before proceeding with the next steps. We thus arrived at the final procedure of changing the oil filter. Before applying the new filter, it is essential to lubricate the annular gasket, an operation that can be carried out simply by dipping a finger in the engine oil; this procedure is very important because it helps not to damage the thread of the gasket during screwing.

Once the oil filter is screwed in again, the new engine oil can be poured into the opening provided. A tip provided by many guides to better flow the oil to be poured, without the appearance of bubbles, is to grab the tank so that the spout is facing upwards. Like the engine oil, the oil filter is also a fundamentally important element of a vehicle. Unlike oil, however, the filter can be changed. But what exactly is the oil filter used for? As it is easy to guess from the name itself, the oil filter has the task of filtering the engine oil by retaining dirt particles and preventing them from reaching the engine. Besides, a volvo s80 2.0 price payer need to aware, a worn filter is not only unable to retain dirt, which reaches the engine and damages it, but sometimes directly prevents the passage of the oil itself. 

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