• £18,250
  • Year/Month: 2012/0
  • Stock ID: T99038
  • Transmission: Manual
  • CC: 12913
  • Mileage: 518636
  • Fuel Type: Diesel

Hino 700 Series Truck For Sale From UK At Reasonable Price

A Used Buyer Of Hino 700 Series Truck For Sale Should Know About The Vehicle To Drive Better

On those hino 700 series trucks for sale or vehicles that are equipped with a turbocharger, air passes through the turbocharger inlet. The exhaust gases rotate the turbine in the turbine housing, causing the compressor wheel to rotate in the compressor housing. Incoming air is compressed, increasing density and oxygen content; additional oxygen can burn additional fuel for extra power from smaller engines. 

The Possibility 

As the compression increases the temperature of the intake air, the compressed air flows through an intercooler to reduce the temperature to reduce the possibility of engine noise, detonation and pre-ignition. Besides, after being measured, the air continues through the air intake tube to the throttle body. Along the way, there may be resonator chambers, "empty" bottles designed to absorb and cancel vibrations in the airflow, making the airflow towards the throttle body uniform. Besides, it is also good to note that, especially after the air flow sensor, there can be no leaks in the air intake system. Allow air to enter the system to alter the air-fuel ratios. At a minimum, the ECM (Engine Control Module) may detect a malfunction, the setting of diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) and the check engine light (CEL).

The Worst-Case

In the worst case, the engine may not start or malfunction. While, the throttle body is connected, electronically or via cable, to the accelerator pedal and the automatic speed control system, if present. When the accelerator is pressed, the throttle plate or throttle valve opens to allow additional air to flow into the engine, resulting in increased engine power and speed. In other words, it will secure the resale Hino 700 series truck price. Please note that with automatic speed control activated, a separate cable or electrical signal is used to operate the throttle body, maintaining the vehicle speed desired by the driver. When inactive, for example when sitting in a stoplight or when getting off, a small amount of air still has to go to the engine to keep it running. Some newer vehicles, with electronic throttle control (ETC), the engine idle speed is controlled by small throttle valve adjustments. 

The Dead Center

While, on lots of other vehicles, a separate idle control valve (IAC) controls a small amount of air to keep the engine idle. The IAC can be part of the throttle body or connected to the intake via a smaller intake pipe, outside the main intake pipe.  Finally, just before reaching the cylinder, the intake air is controlled by the intake valves. On the suction stroke, usually before the top dead center, the intake valve opens to allow the cylinder to pull air while the piston goes down. Please note that some specific grades after the bottom dead center, the intake valve closes, allowing the piston to compress the air as it returns to the TDC. The air intake system is slightly very complicated than a simple tube that goes to the throttle body. From the outside of the vehicle to the intake valves, the intake air travels a tortuous path, designed to supply clean and measured air to the cylinders. Knowing the function of each part of the air intake system can also facilitate diagnosis and repair.

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