Audi A4 TFSi For Sale From UK At Reasonable Price

Audi A4 TFSi for Sale Is a Wonderful Vehicle In Terms Of Driving Dynamics

The Audi A4 TFSi for sale is a wonderful and nice vehicle in terms of driving dynamics if it is compared to the previous generation, as well as the best front-wheel-drive ever produced by Audi, but clearly cannot offer the feeling of a rear-wheel drive. Its most convincing asset is certainly the price.

The overall performance is well especially for how it "pulls" from low revs: the maximum torque value is reached in fact by the 1500 rpm. The engine of Audi A4 TFSi for sale is a perfect companion in everyday driving, allowing easy shooting even without going down with the gears. The Audi A4 TFSi for sale is an excellent vehicle because of its style, power, output and recognition.

Loaded With Exclusive Systems

the improvements of steering in terms of precision are clear as compared to the past model, but a command so "sporty" does not match a lack of comfort; the suspension, in fact, have a calibration that absorbs most of the irregularities of the asphalt ensuring the occupants a very pleasant experience on board, also fuelled by the feeling of spaciousness. Among the many devices on board, there is an exclusive system that is known as ‘the Audi Drive Select’. The system allows you to set various parameters of the car in three different modes, Comfort, Auto and Dynamic, and then cross them together, obtaining more cars in one, each one characterized from its peculiar nuance.

Distinguished By the Quality of the Finishes

The interior of the new Audi A4is distinguished by the quality of the finishes and the clean shapes of the thin dashboard, which shows a few buttons that are remain visible the commands of the "climate" and little else, while the rest is controlled by the wheel and the interface keys (between seats) of the MMI multimedia system. Besides, there are standard air conditioner with the automatic feature but does not allow the separate regulation of the temperature for the two halves (right and left) of the passenger compartment. The infotainment is of a high standard, with the guarantee of expandability and customization, a user needs to just connect a phone to take advantage of graphics and apps on the car screen.

A Used Car Buyer, You Should Ask About Different Packages

It is better to buy the Tour Assistance package, which also includes systems against accidental lane exits or for the recognition of road signs. As a used car buyer, you should ask about ‘City Assistance package’ at Audi A4 TFSi price, it should be noted that the package is the bundle of front and rear parking sensors with acoustic and visual indications (in the central screen), reversing camera, alarm in case of accident risk when reversing from a "comb" parking lot or the arrival of vehicles in the blind corner of the mirrors. Other highlights are the LED matrix headlights (they only light up where they are needed and do not dazzle the drivers of other vehicles).

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