2.0 D-4D
  • Year/Month: 2015/0
  • Stock ID: T95157
  • Transmission: Manual
  • CC: 1998
  • Mileage: 80961
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
2.0 D-4D
  • Year/Month: 2015/0
  • Stock ID: T95635
  • Transmission: Manual
  • CC: 1998
  • Mileage: 87000
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Year/Month: 2011/0
  • Stock ID: T96015
  • Transmission:
  • CC: 0
  • Mileage: 0
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
1.8 V-matic TR
  • Year/Month: 2011/0
  • Stock ID: T95573
  • Transmission: Manual
  • CC: 1800
  • Mileage: 34971
  • Fuel Type: Petrol

Used Toyota Avensis For Sale From UK

Toyota Avensis - The Car That Serves Well

Though it is a Japanese brand but its heart belongs to UK, having great market that favors it. As used car it is exported to a number of countries across globe. The car range brings thrilling drive with sedan being most popular. It comes in 1.6 L, 1.8 L and 2.0 L in both petrol and diesel engine. As diesel engine of modern days have overcome the high noise and maintenance cost issue, so the environment friendliness and durability to perform for long span of time makes people want to go for this option. That is the reason 1.6 L and 1.8 L mostly comes in diesel option. The petrol option brings smooth drive with low emission and peaceful drive and in case of Toyota Avensis for sale comes in 2.0 L engine. 

Top-Notch Drive
The drive is made premium with fine consideration to details. The long distances are covered comfortably because of soft suspension that is Mc Pherson strut type coil spring in front followed by double wishbone type coil spring in rear. The large bumps are better absorbed with sharp ridges and expansion joints. The gearbox is in accordance with the need and comes as 4 and 5 speed automatic transmission followed by continuously variable transmission. The electronically assisted steering system aids in managing maneuvers keeping steering straight without much effort for movement. Hence the driving of any generation model of used Toyota Avensis for sale is undoubtedly the top-notch. 

Indestructible Atmosphere
It has greater visibility in comparison to its rival especially from rear seats. The tight-constructed dashboard makes everything crisp and clear to view for driver. Whether it is about mileage, engine temperature or fuel consumption a single glance tells everything with ease. The dashboard and central console work together to give ease in drive to a whole new level. The rotary heating control is more than sufficient for long journey. Bluetooth connectivity and USB port makes one well connected for infotainment that is further enhanced by a touch screen acting as television and navigation simultaneously. The leather upholstery is there to give royal feeling in used Toyota Avensis. 

Connection to Roots
Though the Toyota Avensis for sale has been partially designed and engineered while completely assembled in Europe, it is still connected to roots when it comes to overall Japanese ambience.  The cargo space is much high in the touring sport estate version, while the other bodies are just apt to fulfill need. The split folding seats makes it easy for carrying additional luggage with ease. There is enough room for head and leg movement as the customer ease is given priority. The bonnet clamshell shutline is smooth and low and in saloon the overall drag coefficient is 0.28. The grille and bumper aids in pedestrian impact protection, despite the bonnet having front end low. So the Japanese philosophy of customer being superior to others is well kept by used Toyota Avensis. It is because of this all the three car bodies are able to make their mark in diverse markets. As a new car it made goodwill in few markets but as used car it has served many markets with head up high. 

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