• £10,000
  • Year/Month: 1984/0
  • Stock ID: T114387
  • Transmission: Manual
  • CC: 2500
  • Mileage: 179000
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
Hard Top Td5 2.5
  • £14,700
  • Year/Month: 2000/0
  • Stock ID: T113621
  • Transmission: Manual
  • CC: 2500
  • Mileage: 175000
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
2.5 TDi Hard Top SWB
  • £10,500
  • Year/Month: 1993/0
  • Stock ID: T113529
  • Transmission: Manual
  • CC: 2500
  • Mileage: 100000
  • Fuel Type: Diesel

Used Land Rover Defender For Sale In Tanzania From UK

Land Rover Defender is A Viable choice To Cater Local Needs

Because of developing an economy, small in size and series of serious of socio-economic issues; Tanzania is facing local and international upheavals. Hence, the auto manufacturing sector is no well developed because the local demand for new vehicles is not substantial. The majority of Tanzanian population either is poor or lower to middle-income group. Hence, as the other side of the picture, these all factors are obvious signs for used vehicles including Land Rover Defender for sale in Tanzania.

A Viable Choice to Cater the Local Needs

Land Rover Defender for sale in Tanzania is considered as a viable choice to cater local on-road and off-road needs. This vehicle is capable enough to run on proper and wild paths, too. With a strong base, sturdy style and heavy-duty feature with low Land Rover Defender price in Tanzania; this vehicle gained reasonable attention in this country.

It Is Huge With Huge Capabilities

This vehicle is huge with huge capabilities to carry heavy loads; therefore, among countryside dwellers, travellers, transporters, tourist operators as well as locals, that auto is considered a vehicle for robust purposes. Another promising factor is that, at attractive Land Rover Defender price in Tanzania, this pickup truck is available in used car/vehicle marketplaces with UK pedigree.

A Buyer Has a Good Option to Choose

Among the UK imported used Land Rover Defender  for sale in Tanzania, a buyer has a good option to choose from the range of different makes and models. So, the only need is to check and verify all necessary specs and features before paying any penny. Please note that, during the trade of used vehicles including the Land Rover Defender for sale in Tanzania to get and enjoy the benefit of Land Rover Defender price in Tanzania, the quality check is inevitable for an ideal trade-off.

Importing Second Hand Cars for Sale in Tanzania

In this small but resourceful country, rules and regulations are well developed and documented to follow. Hence, the importer of Land Rover Defender for sale in Tanzania is liable to abide by all prerequisites. It is also a bitter fact that smuggling is a global crime and is being done globally. Therefore, to avoid blame, hassle and consequences of smuggling, it is necessary to follow all necessary rules before, during or even after the Importing process. 

Just for the sake of information, Tanzanians get services from Japan Auto Appraisal Institute (JAAI) about used vehicle during the import process; hence, please update yourself about that factor, too. Besides, as a part of the process, an importer should submit the required docs to get clearance such as, “Export certificate, Commercial Invoice and Bill of Lading including JAAI Inspection Certificate for having clearance. In the areas of duties and taxations there are different slots for different vehicle types i.e. for the 2000cc vehicle The Import duty charges 25% and VAT (value added tax) 20%.; while for those vehicles that have higher than the 2000cc; the duty is 25% and excise charges 10%.However, for buses, lorries, pickups and passenger vans the rate us lower that is 15% as duty and 20% as the VAT.”

Above brief about Land Rover Defender for sale in Tanzania and its related importing process is just an overview for information sharing and awareness purposes. Therefore, a buyer should go further to fetch all necessary details about the discussed subject and its allied notions to have a quality and legalized deals.

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