1.7 CRDi 2 ISG
  • Year/Month: 2014/0
  • Stock ID: T95155
  • Transmission: Manual
  • CC: 1685
  • Mileage: 63121
  • Fuel Type: Diesel

Used Kia Sportage for Sale From UK At Cheap Price

Second Hand Kia Sportage Is Available With Rough and Modest Qualities

Used KIA Sportage for sale it is an innovative product of Kia Motors. In short, it is a car with rough and modest qualities; because of the sense of cool acceleration and the partial autonomous driving system that can be seen in the high-end sedan. The engine boasts the best acceleration when reaching 'sports' mode on the highway. Even if the accelerator pedal is stepped on, the artificial exhaust sound is emitted. It feels better than noisy. As a used car buyer, one should ask the UK imported version of used KIA Sportage.

The Specs & the Features

However, to be precise, The D-cut steering wheel, alloy pedal and two-tone interior create a dynamic sensation. Among them, the steering wheel treated with perforated leather is good to look at and the feeling of getting on your hands is not bad either. Sewing finish is not too rough so there are fewer burdens on hands.  One thing that is missing is the interior. Because it is made of the hard plastic material, it does not feel so luxurious. It was an inevitable choice for price competitiveness in term of used KIA Sportage price, but throughout the test, I thought, would not it be better if I used a little more variety of finishes in used KIA Sportage for sale?

The floating type 7-inch touch screen provides fast and accurate genuine navigation, Car Play, phone connectivity system, and a Kia TiMag mirror link while one USB port is provided for each of the first and second columns. The trunk space is somewhat narrow due to the generous 1 or 2-row space. However, a two-row seats folding a two-row luggage board and folding and can be used to load large and small luggage. The seat provides various positions, and various buttons are gathered well, so there is no inconvenience to use.

The Exterior of used KIA Sportage for sale

The exterior looks bigger than the original size thanks to the bigger wheelhouse and the front and rear fenders extended to the left and right. Above all, the voluminous lines that fall from the loop to the rear fenders offset the small, dwarfed SUV images. The bottom of the body, which is finished with plastic panels, also attracts attention. The power train is powered by a series 4-cylinder 1.6L diesel engine and a 7-speed DCT. The maximum torque is 30.6kg.m, and the fuel consumption is 16.7km / ?. The horsepower for the Kona equipped with the same engine is somewhat lower, but the fuel economy is better.

Acceleration, Vibration & Noise

Acceleration is not crowded. Two clutches raise the speed quickly. Especially, thanks to the rich torque that starts at the good rate, the early acceleration is not lacking. However, the higher the speedometer needle, the more power could be hit or use because of the limitations of a small engine. The noise and vibration into the room are quite large. If you drive for a long time, fatigue accumulates in Used KIA Sportage for sale, like any other vehicle. Besides, it is necessary to reinforce the sound absorbing material to improve the marketability. It is also possible to add a stop-and-start system.

Softness and Rigidity

The ride is in the middle is between softness and rigidity. besides, reasonable up and down movement of rear torsion beam reduces impact from the road surface; while Rolling is not big but Thanks to this, it is easy to move around the bend road or change the lane. There is no four-wheel drive system s noticed.

Since the B segment SUV is a very special model for the city centre, it does not seem to have taken the rough off-road driving into consideration. Used KIA Sportage price is the biggest advantage of this car. It is the important purchase point for consumers. If you want to have a reasonable SUV, then a used KIA Sportage can be the answer.

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